Wioletta Knapik

Wioletta Knapik is a professor at the University of Agriculture in Krakow. Her post-doctoral habilitation dissertation is from sociology with a specialization sociology of rural areas. Her scientific work is focused on research in the field of rural local communities, human and social capital, entrepreneurship, endogenous activities, including innovative ones, taking into account the mechanisms of the activities of rural residents for the multifunctional development of rural areas. She was participating on the project Caregiving farms in the development of rural areas in the face of demographic challenges (GROWiD).

 „Care farming as a part of social farming is a form of farming appreciated in Western Europe, which combines agricultural and social activities. The primary justification of the care farming concept is the necessity to provide social and care services that would satisfy the expectations of the elderly in light of the growing demand due to population aging. The presentation basis on the collected empirical material under the project “Care farms in rural development in the face of demographic challenges.“

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