Thomas van Elsen

Thomas van Elsen is a senior scientist at the University of Kassel and a board member of PETRARCA (Europäische Akademie für Landschaftskultur). His general research interests include social and multifunctional farming, community supported agriculture, biodiversity and sustainable land-use. He is a head of the German Community of Practice for Social Farming (Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Soziale Landwirtschaft, DASoL). He has many years of experience in project activities on the topic of social farming at the European and national leveô, e.g partner in European projects SoFar, COST Action Green Care in Agriculture, MAIE, DIANA, INCLUFAR, TheGoodSeed, PROFARM, Gardeniser pro, SWEDA.

“Based on experiences from several projects, impacts of social farming on people with special needs, on farms and on rural areas are presented. Converting a farm towards social farming can lead towards social and ecological inclusion, adding values to nature, landscape and biodiversity on a farm level.”

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