Rhys Evans

Rhys Evans has been working in the field of rural community development for over twenty years, first in Scotland and since 2010 in Norway. His field of expertise includes rural development, community capacity building, regenerative development, social farming, human-horse relations. He is currently an associate professor of rural development at the Høgskulen for grøn utvikling (University College for Green Development). Rhys Evans is responsible for several innovative tools designed for community-use, including Asset-based Rural Community Development, the Repurposing of Cultural Heritage Assets for the 21st Century Economy, and the Vocational Transition of Rural Areas. He has been working with groups developing social or care farming since 2011. Additionally, he is the President of the European Association of Animal Sciences, Horse Commission. His most recent projects include Social Farming in Higher Education and a Report on Green Care in Norway for a project titled New Nordic Nature-based Services, amongst others.

„Any national program supporting social farming requires collaboration across two very different policy fields – health care and agriculture. This lecture will offer some suggestions on how to reduce the negative impacts of ‘silo-ization’.“


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