Marjolein Elings

Marjolein Elings is a scientist at the Department of Agrosystems Research of Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Her expertise covers sociology, social care farms and health care. She has been working in the field of social farming for more than 15 years. Her main research topic is the effects of working on care farms for different client groups. She is involved in different EU projects e.g. SoFarTEAM Social Work in Farming-teaching material about client groups and their involvement in social farming or Green4C Green for Health and Social Inclusion. Additionally, she has an international network on social farming and green care. Marjolein Elings is an author and co-author of numerous publications in the field.

„The conference contribution will cover the main aspects of the development of Dutch social farming sector with an emphasis on identification of success factors. The aspects include e.g. the number of social farms, the main motives for their establishment or institutional milestones. Second part will comprise findings from a research oriented on effects of social farming on different target groups. Within the final part, future direction of the research in the social farming sector will be proposed.” 

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