Magdaléna Lacko – Bartošová

In in the Slovak republic, the social integration of disadvantaged groups presents a real challenge. In order to promote social function of agriculture – within multifunctional model of agriculture – the regulatory framework and implementing measures need to be putting in place. The legislative definition of social farming is missing, the social services and activities provided by institutions (civic associations) are not fully recognized. Coordination and collaboration between the various policies areas, administrations, authorities is missing, barriers to access to structural funds exist for various aspects of this type of farming. No statistics are available, interdisciplinary research is not developed, therefore dissemination of experience and good practice is at the „pioneer“ level. However, there are some good practices recognized in the Slovak Republic, which reflect local conditions and opportunities. The main actors till now are civic associations, focusing on different target groups (homeless, addicted, physically disabled, marginalised individuals), that for many different reasons find it hard to re-connect to society. We expect that all effort done by researchers, civic associations, individuals will influence policy decision makers for recognition and support of this type of innovation – social integration of people with particular needs via multi purpose farming.

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