Jan Moudrý

Jan Moudrý focuses on the topics of agroecology and sustainable farming which is including also organic farming, multifunctional agriculture and the environmental impact of agriculture. He is a head of the Czech Association of Social Farming and a member of the Working committee for social farming (Ministry of Agriculture in Czech Republic). Jan Moudrý participated in national and international projects focused on social farming (SoFarEDU, Revitalist, SoFarTEAM) and he is an author and co-author of publications and journal papers focused on social farming.

 „Social farming in the Czech Republic and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe is currently growing. We are inspired by the experience of more advanced countries in this area, but we also encounter problems specific to the region. Simultaneously, we address the great variability of approaches to social agriculture at the national and international level, which contribute positively to the development of the concept, but at the same time complicate the systematic creation of support. That is why I would like to focus on the current situation in social agriculture in Czech Republic, the possibilities of developing the concept of social agriculture in the countries of Eastern Europe, the variability of concepts and approaches to social agriculture.“

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