Francesco Di Iacovo

Francesco di Iacovo is a full Professor in Agricultural Economics and Director of the Department of Veterinary Science Pisa University. His research focuses on social farming, social innovation and sustainability and rural policies. He was a coordinator of the EU-SoFar project and National Delegate in the COST866-Green care. Nowadays, he is an advisor for agriculture for the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry while his research facilitated the recognition of social farming by law in Italy. He has been an invited speaker at many international meetings on social farming. His research is condensed in about 200 articles.

„Rural areas are redesigning their role in accordance with emerging societal challenges and opportunities. Multifunctional farms and nature-based solutions open the space for innovative social services for the prosperity of smart rur-ban systems. In times of public fund scarcity, by promoting social innovation and transformation, social farming supports vibrant rural communities and better services for all by designing smart solutions but also renewing entrepreneurial attitudes in the perspective of civicness.“

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