Morvarid Bagherzadeh

Morvarid Bagherzadeh provides evidence based policy advice on agriculture, specialising in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the effects policies on agriculture, trade and the environment. She has published reports on agricultural resilience, on agricultural innovation, on policy reform and on food loss and waste. She currently works on a project on labour and skills mismatch in agriculture and she monitors agricultural policies in the UK, Australia and the EU.

Morvarid Bagherzadeh intends to cover the need for a whole of government and holistic approach to define policies that facilitate and encourage social inclusion. I should also refer to the need for information and data to assess the state of play of Agriculture as an Actor of Social Inclusion (AGASI) and define policy objectives.

„Social Farming that uses agricultural resources to promote (or to generate) social services in rural areas represents a new opportunity for farmers to diversify their activities and incomes, and to promote social inclusion. But the policy context within which social farming operates is complex, crossing over a range of sectors and areas, such as social and health care policy, and rural development policy. The presentation will highlight some issues in the development of policies creating conditions for social agriculture.“

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