Danka Moravčíková

Danka Moravčíková is an associate professor at the Institute of Marketing, Trade and Social Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management, SUA in Nitra. Her professional background is in applied sociology, specifically rural sociology and sociology of agriculture and food. The research activities and publications have been addressing the issues related to the socio-economic transformation of rural areas and agriculture in the context of globalisation, societal consequences of forming a group of postsocialist farmers, the attitudes of young people towards entrepreneurship and self-employment, and the topic of social innovations in the agrifood sector and rural areas. 

Danka Moravčíková is a person in charge of the Section for Rural Sociology and Sociology of Agriculture within the Slovak Sociological Society at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, and a member of the European Society for Rural Sociology. She actively participates in the activities of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) as a member of the National Thematic Group established by the National Rural Development Network. She has been coordinating several research and educational projects both on national (e.g., the Operational Programme Research and Development, Education, and Rural Development Programme of the SR) and international level (e.g. FP7, DTP Interreg, and H2020).

Sustainable growth and development require both, new ways of using the available resources and a comprehensive social transition process. The presentation will introduce the concept of social innovations from the social sciences perspective, and as a vital element for supporting rural areas and agriculture in facing the challenges of “being more sustainable” in all aspects. Different ways of thinking about social innovation and several types of challenges in analysing and supporting social innovations in agrifood sector will be presented.” 

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